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Wednesday Nights, My Place…

Around 8pm Wednesday night my doorbell rings or cold knuckles rap gently on my door.  One by one, my neighbor friends and life story writers trickle in out of the cold.  Four of us met last night for an hour.  It was casual, relaxed, comfortable being there with people I knew in my front room.  We have promised ourselves this luxury away from the distractions of every day to help one another and cheer each other on in our writing endeavours.

First we have a short open discussion  where  group members  share observations, insights or challenges they may have discovered during the past week. Here I  may add instruction on a topic in Life Story Writing .  We always learn something new from one another.

Now for the heart of the matter, we each share a story, either one we have written or one we are thinking of writing.  Group members can then give encouraging feedback general or specific, ask questions for clarification, make suggestions, or take notes as others’ stories jog memories of their own.  Reading out loud helps familiarize ourselves with our story in a different way.  Sharing a story we want to write helps us organize our thoughts, figuring out where our story begins, what we want to say and why and where our story concludes.

Before we return to the rest of our lives we go around the room and vocalize a goal for the coming week.  We leave one another inspired and energized, focused and wanting to write.  So there you have it, Wednesday nights, my place ~ simple really.


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