Life Story Writing

Teaching Life Story Writing and Musings On My Life ~

Tips For Writing Your Life Story

1.  Think about why you want to write, make a purpose statement and put it where you   can see it.

2.  Think about what you want to record.  Start where the memories are the happiest or where you have the most to say.

3.  As you remember things write them down.  Begin to make a story list.

4.  Now begin to write your stories.  Don’t worry about grammar and spelling.  Just start writing.  You can edit and improve later.

5.  Find a writing buddy, someone else you can share your stories with.  Meet once a week, read your stories to one another and make a goal for the coming week.

6.  Go to  Download their booksmart software.  Watch the tutorial.  Create a book in booksmart.

7.  Scan photos and other memorabilia you want to include in your book and upload them to your booksmart file.

8.  Type your stories into a word processor program.  Copy and paste into the pages of your book in booksmart.  Drag and place your photos.

9.  Just work on a small book say 20 pages to start.  Get your book edited and ready to upload.  Ask for computer help if you need it.

10.  Upload and order copies of your book.

11.  Wait patiently for your book to arrive, or not!

12.  Hold your book and turn the pages lovingly and see your life in print.  Remember how it feels.  Share with others.


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