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Nothing Stays The Same…

Life as we know it is constantly changing.  What is common and familiar to us today will be part of cultural or social history to the next generation.  So as we write our stories it will add interest to include some of the common activities of our everyday living.  When I wrote about my childhood I did some research on the coming of age of household appliances such as the vacuum cleaner, the telephone, television, refridgerator etc.  It was interesting to note that I accepted these items as common and ordinary as though they had always existed.  In my research I discovered that not everyone had lived as I lived.

As I drove home along main street the other day I noticed an old man walking slowly, head down, all alone.  I thought of how isolated the elder generation can become, spouses die, children move away.  Then I fast forwarded 20 or 30 years and wondered if that elderly isolation is going to change as we have generations that are raised on technology, folks who email, facebook and twitter or text.  So many ways to stay in touch that we never had before.  So will Grandad be a techno junky in the not so distant future?


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