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Do You Ever Wish For A ‘Do-Over’ In Life?

Less than 48 hours ago my daughter Brittanie and her husband Will became excited new parents to an adorable baby girl, Raylee Eden.  As I looked at pictures of her I thought ‘what a perfect little family and here they are with a brand new start, with all their hopes and dreams intact and great desires to be the best parents they can be.’  Then I thought about my life and how my dreams didn’t quite turn out the way I hoped.  How much I long sometimes for a ‘do-over’ of certain critical times or moments in my life.  But alas, they are not forthcoming.  In reality and in the moments of our lives I believe we do the best we can but in hind sight it may seem we are falling short.

So what does this have to do with writing about our lives?  Well first, writing is healing.  Sometimes you just have to take these thoughts and emotions and get them out, put them on paper.  Whether you share them with anyone else or not is up to do.  It may be enough just to write and burn.  Sometimes writing is a way to figure things out.  What happened?  Why?  How do I feel about that?  What did I learn from this?  Is there a silver lining?

Writing can give us a second chance to revisit an experience, to see it in different light, from another’s perspective or from the perspective of distance in the intervening years.  We can re-witness for better or worse what happened.  Writing the story, scene or experience may let us add more details and information than was available to others at the time.  Maybe we need to vindicate ourselves or maybe we need to confess.

I would like to think that ‘do-overs’ are at least in a small way possible as we review our lives, savor the good, learn from the bad, tear down walls that need to come down and repair and build bridges with the people that really matter.  And sometimes there are words we want to say to fix things but people are not ready to listen, to hear.  At least in the writing the words can be expressed and then one day, maybe just one day, they will be ‘heard’.


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3 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wish For A ‘Do-Over’ In Life?

  1. Hello!
    Sometimes I think I would like a “do-over” in my life but then (after an appropriate amount of feeling regretful) I realize that if I’d never gone through what I have in life I wouldn’t be who I am.So I choose to play the hand I have and make the best of it! Interesting work here!


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