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If You Only Had A Week To Live, What Would You Write?

So, if you are anything like me, you are pretty good at feeling overwhelmed!  Writing your life story can be pretty daunting, and that is why I love this writing prompt.  Instead of looking at your life as a chronological event to be recorded, think about what you would want to convey to your family and loved ones if all you had was one week left to live.  What thoughts, feelings and experiences come to mind? If for the next seven days, the first week of the New Year you took time to write everyday, what wisdom would come flowing from your pen or fingers?  Would you describe grandparents long forgotten?  Would you recall how simple life seemed as a child, how different from today’s childhood?  Perhaps you would write of the mistakes you made and what you learned from them.  Or the miracles you have experienced and your faith in a higher power.  Life is so much more than dates and names and places.  What gives your life meaning?  What values do you hold dear?  If someone could only pick five words to describe you what words would they choose?  What words would you choose to describe yourself?  What would your advice to future generations entail?  If you had your life to do-over would you change anything? Why or why not?  What was your greatest accomplishment?  What would you like to be remembered for?  If you will just sit down to write, I promise the words will come and they may just be some of the most enduring, treasured words you may ever write.


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