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Change A Life, Write Your Story!

Change a life this year, write your story!  You may only write a part of your story, capturing and holding those memories, bringing them to life on paper.  I think writing about my life is the nearest form of ‘time travel’ I will ever experience.  Is there somewhere in time you would like to travel to?  What draws you there?  Write it and relive it, share it and revisit.  There is so much forgotten.  So much lost.  But memories can be coaxed forth from long past experiences.  At first hazy, then mist rises from a warm light glow and the picture clears, more details are ‘seen’.  What do you ‘see’?  If you had a day to live over, what day would that be?

Each night as I write in my journal I try to anchor the day in my memory by writing about key events, happenings, thoughts, insights and feelings.  Its as though being able to capture or hold each day and not forget, helps me to know who I am, to savor my life, my journey.

Take the challenge: change a life this year, write your story?  The life you change might only be your own but then again, your words will linger and ripple through your children and grand childrens lives and beyond.  They will want to know you.  So write for youself and write for them.


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