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Do You Really Believe In Writers Block?

I have been wondering lately if I really believe in Writer’s Block.  Maybe writing about writer’s block is tempting fate, but then I don’t believe in fate.  Or maybe throwing these words around on the page is going to make the God of writer’s block angry and my anti-muse and inner critic riled.  Hmmm…what’s that inner critic anyway?

Writer’s block is about not writing and in particular it’s not writing what you want and how you want.  So that’s not writer’s block at all because even if I can’t write how I want or what I want, I can still write.  Do you always do your best work when you plan what and how to write? Sometimes the most interesting, revealing, insightful pieces deliver themselves from your pen, pencil, fingers, one unsuspecting word and thought at a time.  Sentences, like stepping-stones across a stream of experiences.

I am not all conscious, I am also subconscious, so sometimes I need to let that part of me write.  I am not all physical, I am also spiritual, so sometimes I need to let that part of me write.

This is a free country though, so if you want to go on believing in writer’s block you go right on ahead.  Me, I’ll just write what’s flowing through me for now.

Maybe our words see us as the writer’s block.  How ironic would that be?

Here is my ‘gentle revolution’ for today.  I do not believe in writer’s block…and lo, the sky has not fallen.


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