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Prayer, Miracles and Apologies…

When I don’t know where to start, I just start writing.  I can always go back and edit.  You may have been wondering what on earth happened to me since my last post at the end of January.  Or maybe you didn’t notice the long absence.  Well there is a story here.

Fifteen years ago after thirteen years of marriage I found myself divorced and a single Mother to five young children ages 2-11.  The past fifteen years have been a continual challenge in many ways.  I dated on and off but there really wasn’t much time and energy for that.  So after putting my profile online yet again I was really wondering if there was anyone for me in this life.  I would joke with my friend that she and I were the best kept secrets up the Wasatch Front!  I would wonder if there was something wrong with me, or was it that there was something wrong with all the guys I kept meeting.

Now for some reason my singleness was really resting heavily on my mind and on the eve of Sat 4 February as I was praying I heard myself say …’Heavenly Father, if there is someone I should be with, please show me….’  It was heartfelt and profound in its simplicity, a moment indelibly imprinted on my mind.

Four days later on Wednesday 8 February, at six in the evening, as I was shoving a tray of no bake cookies into the freezer, my dog was incessantly barking and the doorbell rang.  I opened the door to a face I hadn’t seen in almost 14 years.  With excited surprise I exclaimed ‘What are you doing here! And, how did you find me?!’

Ray stepped through the doorway and accepted the welcoming hug I gave him, then sat down as I repeated my questions ‘Why are you here?’ this time more thoughtfully.  Thoughts raced through my head and I knew what he was going to say. ‘Well, a lot has changed since I last saw you.  I am divorced.  I have been divorced about a year and I have been looking for you.’

He continued ‘On Sunday evening I was checking out yet another LDS singles website my friend had told me about.  When all of a sudden I saw this picture on a profile called British Belle.’  ‘Oh no,’ I groaned, knowing he was talking about my profile. ‘Are you going to embarass me now?’

‘I showed my Mother and told her about you.  Then I sent you a message.’

‘I didn’t get the message’ I interrupted.  ‘That evening I deleted my profile and I had no idea you had looked and sent me a message.’

Now Ray was asking ‘Would you like to know what the message said?’

‘Sure,’ I replied, not really sure at all what was coming next. ‘It said, ‘Do you remember 22 October 1976?'”

Of course I do, it is the day Ray baptized me.  Ray was the missionary who thirty five years ago taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tears were in his eyes now he continued ‘That night I wrote in my journal ‘I baptized the most beautiful girl’ and …she still is.’

I was transfixed, my eyes hardly believing he was sitting there, my ears hardly believing what I was hearing and my mind recalling the prayer I had offered just four nights previously.

‘You have the qualities I am looking for, I figured we could be friends and see what happens.’ ……… To be continued! ^_^




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