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England: Back Home Again

I was born and raised in England for the first 24 years of my life.  If someone had told me that I would grow up and leave this green and lush isle to go live in a desert I would have laughed at them.  Its been 28 years since I left England to make my home in America.  Over the years I have been fortunate to be able to make trips back with my children.  On these trips I began my love affair with my homeland.  With each trip came the anticipation of the familiar, people, places and foods.  Also with each trip I was able to visit a part of England, Scotland and Wales that was either new to myself and the chidren or to revisit old familiar places.  Our trips were usually a mix of the two.

Just to walk down a street I hadn’t been on in years or to taste foods I had missed aswell as see family and friends I had missed would bring a smile to my face and a happy feeling deep inside.  All things combined to say ‘welcome home’.  For although I have lived in the gool ol USA for more than half my life there is still this feeling of home when I once again return to England.

The world there is similar to ours but it seems a little less materialistic, the people seem a little less concerned with whats on the surface and outside of their lives and more content with who they are.  They seem more down to earth.  Of course that is a personal observation and generalization.

For all the industry and business and growth from the industrial revolution, for all the towns and cities and booming population, for all the congestion and cars on the road, England is still mostly untouched, unchanged beautiful countryside, and its the countryside that is at the heart of my love affair.  I am truly most at home when I am walking in the countryside away from the noise and hubub of everyday manic living.  In the countryside I am still and at peace.  I live in the moment and soak in the green beauty that surrounds me.  Is it any wonder that green has always been my favorite color?  I feel most myself, most at home and most whole when I walk those country paths.


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