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Take Time To Find Your Memories

Sometimes its not that I don’t want to write, its that my memories are hard to access or so jumbled up.  It can be work to get to them, a kind of mental digging.  It takes energy and focus which sometimes are not in plentiful supply in my life!  The alternative is to use those vacant moments throughout the day, maybe driving, doing physical tasks (if there are no children screaming for your attention) to focus on a topic or time you wish to write about.  Let your mind wander through your memories.  Have a notepad somewhere you can go to and jot things down as they come, key words to pick up on later.  One person I read puts sticky post it notes all over their house so all they have to do is turn around and write.  I guess they have pens or pencils handy too.  Maybe keep a small notebook in your purse or in the car.

Another possibility is to use a digital voice recorder.  Just grab the recorder when a memory hits and press record and talk.  Talking about the memory is a really good way to enlarge the memory too.

Or take a walk in nature, let your mind wander free and uncluttered, see what memories surface.  Find a time to sit, play some beautiful music and let the thoughts come.

Once the thoughts start coming and I start writing them down, its like skimming them of the top of my mind.  It allows others to surface.  It makes room for them to show themselves too.

In reality I probably spend a significant amount of time thinking, meditating, letting my mind percolate about what I will write about before I actually write.  The actual writing time can be less than the thinking time.  So next time you feel guilty because you are not writing just take a minute to think about your next writing topic.

For those of you families with the Harry Potter stories and Albus Dumbledore’s Pensieve, well I mean, that would be on my Christmas list and a wand of course.  Put the wand to your head, pull an ethereal strand of memory and put it in the pensieve and voila, relive your memory with perfect recollection.  Alas not, no perfect recollection here (and thats another story) but still your life is worth remembering and sharing in all its imperfectness.


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