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The Power Of Words: There Is Room For Your Words In This World

Its been a while since I wrote.  Summer has been and gone.  In September I took a trip back home to England.  October arrived with cooler temperatures and beautiful fall colors.  I turned yet another year older.  November is here. This week brought our first big snow storm of the season.  Why do I let so much time go by without writing?!  I read recently that our resistance, or the thing that keeps us from writing, is proof that what we have to say is worth saying, is important, is worthy of our time to write.  If not, why would there be resistance.  There is resistance in our life when we know we need to be doing something we are not doing.  I like this thought, this revelation.  If I really believed my writing would make a difference either to me or to others, then wouldn’t I be writing more?

As a child many of us learned the rhyme ‘sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us’.  We would repeat that to ourselves to try and placate or calm or reassure ourselves that words don’t affect us.  The reality is words affect us.  So whether we are speaking or writing, our words have impact.  Believe it.  Your words have the ability to live a life larger than your own.  They can travel across the world at the touch of a button.  They can go places you will never go, talk to people you will never know, affect lives you will never see.  Even if you are the only person that ever sees your words, your eyes may be opened, your heart may feel and your mind be flooded with new thoughts.  Your words may be your therapist, your healer, your friend, your confidant.  The blank page listens, it has no prejudice, no opinion, no grade to hand out.

Whether its paper and pencil or computer all it takes is your time.  No charge.  Its free.  In fact the payment for writing may be worth more than money can buy.  Those who write often express their passion for writing, their need for writing.  Writing becomes essential to their existence, like breathing.  The world is full of words, full of stories but there is always room for yours.


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