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Curiosity ~ The Great Hook

So you don’t think that you are a great writer, you don’t think you have an interesting life.  How can I write my life story you wonder?  Who will want to read it?  Well, you sound normal, like most other ordinary folks out there who are thinking they should write.  First, you don’t have to worry about your 10th grade teacher grading you, or an editor looking over your shoulder.  No one else can quite write your story the way you can, not even a Purlitzer prize winner.  Yes, really!  You are the only one who has experienced your life.  You are the only one with your unique ‘voice’, the way you talk, the way you think, the way you express yourself.  You are real, one of a kind deal.   So just sit down and begin.  The sky won’t fall down.  Life will go on and you will feel grande for making a start.

Okay so now I have got you writing and given you a little boost in your confidence, I am going to share some interesting scientific research that can help you!  Hmmm, really you say, how so?  Well I can’t really say it any better than the article so I will quote from it here and put a link to it.  Here is a quote from Lisa Cron.  Lisa Cron  is an instructor in the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, and author of Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence

‘… for writers the real breakthrough is the discovery of what triggers that delicious sense of enjoyment we feel when a story hooks us. It’s not lyrical language, great characters, realistic dialogue, or vivid images. Nope.

Curiosity is the trigger.

In other words, the desire to find out what happens next. That feeling of pleasure is actually a rush of dopamine. It’s our neural reward for curiosity, urging us to keep reading until we find the answer.’

So how can this help us as we write?  First maybe frame what you are going to write about in a question.  What was it like growing up in rural Kansas in 1920?  How did you meet Grandpa and what were your first impressions?   Lisa continues in her article to give us 7 pointers using curiosity as the hook.  She advices us: Surprise Us, Make Us Feel It, Let Us In On The Protagonist’s Goal, Only Tell Us What We Need To Know, Give Us Specifics, Give Us Conflict, It Must Make Sense To Us.  Read the details of her article here, make your readers curious and happy writing!


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2 thoughts on “Curiosity ~ The Great Hook

  1. I’ve been debating about picking up Lisa Cron’s “Wired for Story” book for some time now – I think it’s helpful to read about a unique way of looking at the writing process. Thanks for the post!


  2. I agree. I love to read anything I can on writing that might help the Life Story Writing process. Plus I love books. Now if I could just find time to read all of them and remember and apply what I learn!


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