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Do You Sit Down To Write And The Words Won’t Come?

I wrote about the first twenty years of my life in three months. I added photos and uploaded and self printed a book. Then, I stalled. Blocked by the memories of a bad marriage. I tried to write but the words wouldn’t come. Sometimes, I have come to realize, some parts of our lives aren’t ready to be written, and that’s okay. Look again. Is there another part you can write about? Or another angle? As part of that marriage I had five, very alive children, who did and said and got up to all manner of childlike things. Now this is a part of my story I can write about. At first the memories come like trailer ads to a film, just clips, just little slits in the memory of my mind. But soon if I take the time to put pen to paper, the action of actively remembering will trigger other memories, like a small cascading waterfall. If you are stuck somewhere with your writing try starting somewhere else or look with fresh eyes.

Start where you can, where the memories are freshest and easiest to write about. After a while you may be able to write about the harder parts. You may need to find the right time or the right place to be inspired or be in the right mood to write difficult parts of your life. But thats okay because in the meantime there are plenty of other parts to put on paper.


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