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Write A Five Minute Memory… And Capture A Treasure!

After my divorce, I was left to raise five children ages 2-11. There was not much money but every Friday was treat day and they would get a little 5 or 10 cent candy. The kids all loved gum so in addition I would buy a small packet and they would each get a piece…Yes, one piece of gum. They treasured that piece and to make it last they would put it in the freezer when they weren’t chewing it, to save it for later. Can you imagine every time I opened the freezer and saw those little balls of abc (already been chewed) gum it made me chuckle at my kids ingenuity.

Now that is just what I call a ‘glimpse’ into our life, my life, but it tells the reader something. Its not an essay and its not a chapter yet it has meaning. Sometimes our lives don’t follow the typical narrative pattern. Sometimes there are just small treasured moments, memories that need to be captured. If you don’t feel like you can write much today, just try recording a meaningful moment. Or start your list of meaningful moments to write from. Go capture a five minute memory. Maybe later you will expand on them but for now a ‘glimpse’ is okay. ^_^


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