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Moments Lived, Witnessed, Remembered… Write Now…

Each night before I close my eyes I take a few minutes to write about my day. I try to write in such a way as to the anchor my day in my mind. These moments and experiences described in my journal then act as a trigger for my memory when I read my journal days or years from now.

Knowing I will write about my day makes me more aware of the happenings of my day. Sometimes the significant moments are external events, other times they are internal, how I felt, what I thought or even what I dreamt.

Critical to this is living in the moment. The past and future so often rob me of my present. A constant worry about meeting the financial needs of my family runs as a screensaver on my mind.

There is a small kinsnowydayd of magic in creating our own moments. Take this moment, now, looking through my window. This is a moment that will pass, time will march forward. Yet I can write about this moment, the external descriptions of winter through my window, my internal thoughts and concerns that brush shoulder with my hopes and dreams. In this moment I have peace, lack of pain or distress, I have the abilities and insights that my life has given me. I have companionship of family, immediate and extended, near and far and friends around the corner and across the globe. I have food and shelter. I have sanctuary. I have quiet, no television, no music, no funds, no incoming text, no computer.

My writing and thoughts joined to create an unfolding path. One that captures time and the other creates places to be in or to travel to. My writing is a journey, a revelation, a storyteller, the healer, a teacher, a magnifying glass, a microscope, a history lesson, a prophecy, an artist, a voice from nowhere to anywhere – and – a moment in time, lived, witnessed, chronicled.

Write too and save your moment in time.


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