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Food For Thought…

Summer has been BUSY.  I travelled to Ireland and England, Missouri and Washington.  I have been absent from my blog and for that I apologize.  I am here to repent and get back on the bandwagon.

So I am just going to throw this post out there for thought.  I spoke with a friend last night.  She is going through a soul searching time and going to counseling to help with the process.  She asked me to be a sounding board for her as she tries to figure things out in her life.  She then proceeded to relate the inequalities and unfairness she sees and experiences and has experienced over a lifetime.  As we talked pieces of her belief system, her world or life view came into focus.  Some key ones were: life is a competition, God has favorites, I should be able to do certain things to expect certain blessings and so forth.  I spent about an hour on the phone and came away exhausted, my mind whirring over the conversation we had hashed out, back and forth.

My mind drifted back to when I was about 18.  One day, all of a sudden, whilst I was driving I had the realization that not everyone sees the world the way I do!  Yes, I know, it took me a while to catch on.  I began to see that folks had different mindsets, different beliefs and different motivating factors in their life.

Have you ever examined your own beliefs?  For example do you believe that there is good in everyone?  Do you believe in a omnipotent divine power or are we here by chance?  Do you believe life IS a competition and if so how does that affect your choices and actions?  Or do you believe we are here to do our best, help others along the way for some better life to come?  Do you believe you have to manipulate people to get what you want?  Are you a controller?  Do you believe in prayer or that the universe can bring to you the things you want and need if you ask?

We may write the stories of our lives on the surface but what are the beliefs and motivators in our lives and where did they come from, what shaped them and how have they changed over time?

My conversation with my friend showed me she had experienced much heartache in her life but it also taught me a thing or two about choice.  When life presents us with challenges its all about how we choose to react.  Try writing about your belief system and illustrate with stories from your life.  Or use writing to examine your beliefs expressing them for your posterity.  What have you learned?  Did your beliefs hold up to be true or were they a fallacy?  Do we always act in accordance with what we believe?  Heck no!  Write about your weaknesses, your mistakes and how you faced up to the challenge, learned and grew.

Okay, I think there’s enough here to be going on with ^_^


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