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Beauty Takes Time


We just returned from a weekend at Bryce Canyon National Park.  Whilst there I had this thought: It has taken millions of years to create this breathtaking beauty. 

We, however, live in an ‘instant gratification’ world. We want things easy and we want things now. But what we really need is focus, tenacity, tranquility and the ability to trust in ourselves, our dreams, our life’s work.

If I had written about my life ten years ago there would not have been as much beauty to it as there is today. The adversity and weathering was at work. Today I stand back and see the beauty those challenges created. There is more contrast, more color and more light reflected in which to see my story.

To create beautiful things take time, maybe not a million years but some time and maybe some ‘weathering’, some adversity which helps to shape the beauty in our life.  Likewise writing about our life takes time, the creative process evolves over time.  Maybe we should be more patient with ourselves, our lives and our writing and then we will see the beauty appear.


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