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A Reverie on Style

I left class wondering ‘What is style?’  How was I to write an essay on ‘style’ when its definition eluded me?  My chapters on style spoke of a ‘checklist’ formula.  Style could be said to be an assembly of many elements or mechanics of writing, such as: economy, emphasis, vigor, rhythm and unity.  Style is using the right word.

Yet style beckoned me to see her at the heart of good writing.  She is more than mechanics; she has an ethereal element, a life of her own.

In the beginning of writing, unsure of our footing, we carefully climb the steps of style: economy, emphasis, vigor, rhythm and unity.  But there the steps, end and we look into the emptiness beyond.  Style magically turns the two dimensions of pen and paper into the third dimension of imagination.  Style takes a world of black and white and creates a world of color.  Style is like living in a world of opposition: she gives depth and definition to our lives.

Style is expressed as personally and individually as each fingerprint.  It is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration.  Style is our own voice reaching into the hearts and minds of others.  Style is making our own path to the mountain top, working so hard to reach the summit and being awed by the view.

To our readers, style is clarity of thought and detailed description.  It is immortal impressions on the tapestry of life experience.  It can take us from the golden warmth of sunlight on our skin to the deepest, darkest abyss of despair.  Style is real, insightful, feeling, lucid, transparent, poignant and knowing.  Style is living, breathing writing.

I awoke suddenly.  Dazed, I looked at the clock.  I was late for class again.


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