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I Have Taken The Challenge! Will You Join Me?!

Jeff Goins of Goins Writer fame has thrown down the gauntlet. Write 500 words a day! Just comment on his blog, add your link to your blog, join the closed Facebook Group for support and you are off. Free, uninhibited, unedited writing. Get the wheels rolling. Find some momentum. Let the juices flow. Surprise yourself!

Why do this? Well, why not?! What is the writer’s greatest challenge? Call it ‘resistance’ Thank you to Steve Pressfield (The War of Art) for pointing this out to me!. Call it procrastination, writers block. Call it lack of inspiration, intimidation, lack of motivation, time or talent. You choose your poison. It’s whatever keeps you from putting pen to paper. So what is the antidote to this poison. Hear the rallying call of Jeff Goins, Writer:

Write 500 words a day!

Jeff says: ‘It takes me anywhere from 30-60 minutes to write 500 words. And if I keep up with that pace, I’ve got a book in 90 days. That’s my plan for finishing my next book: 500 words per day, every day, until it’s done. And I want you to join me.’

You may not plan to write a book, you may not even know what you will write until you write it. But this I can promise, writing is an adventure! Even if you have a plan somehow the unexpected happens, thoughts come, the journey changes, anything is possible. Just bring yourself to the point of connection whether it be pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Trust yourself, open yourself up, relax, breathe, be still and listen. The words will come if you will be patient. They will come if you keep yourself in a mindful place. They will come if you make a place for them physically, emotionally and mentally.

Some say our greatest fear is that we will be forgotten. My greatest fears is that I will forget. In the act of forgetting I feel I have lost part of myself and my life. Its like someone took an eraser to the movie of my life and blanked out scenes, vast expanses, important and trivial, but they were mine, a part of me. Think about it. What have you already forgotten? So many precious memories, life experiences, adventures and lessons. Our words immortalize ourselves. And you can choose the words. What will you do with today? When this day is gone what will be left to say you were here, you made a difference? Who will know you and who you were?

Okay you get the picture. Writing reveals. Writing reveals what you really think and believe. Writing reveals your life to yourself and others. Writing is a vehicle for change, healing, reflection, forward movement, loving and living. And in this world where everything costs something, writing is at its basic level free and freeing. Okay so you need a pen and paper and time but that’s it. Where will it take you? The possibilities are endless. Does it have to be grandiose? If it did we would fail before we would start. Just start, just write, just write 500 words then sit back and glow in your accomplishment. How did that feel? Even if you don’t think you are a writer, you are. Even if you are not prosaic or poetic your words tell stories, convey fact, capture memories. Stories that only you can tell, you in your authentic voice. No one will say it just like you, no one can.

Maybe the greatest gift you can give this world is your writing. Maybe the greatest treasure you will ever hold will be your own, simple words, written one by one. I am cheering for me and for you! Now, find that pen and paper, that quiet corner, believe, dream and start. This could change your life ^_^


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