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The Thick Of Thin Things ~ My Love/Hate Relationship With Technology!

IMG_0194These past few days I have been contemplating my love/hate relationship with technology. It seems to have me, more often than not, by the neck, holding my life for ransom. One day, one hour, one minute at a time I am trading out the other things I could be doing for time on the computer. There is this invisible thread that pulls me to check out my Facebook notifications, check my email, maybe do a little research for a post to my Visit My British Isles page or my Life Story Writing page. Not bad I think to myself. Yet it seems as if there is some kind of time distortion going on when I engage in technological pursuits.

My list of things to do, people to see, seems to grow, not diminish. My writing does lies abandoned. My multiple reading books sit waiting for me. Surely with a husband and daughter at work I have no excuse not to carve out one hour of writing time and one hour of reading time?

I have in times past closed the computer and walked away for a day or a week. It feels somehow freeing. Its like those other addictions, sometimes easier to go cold turkey than to piece meal my way along.

For good or for no good at all, my life is inextricably linked to technology. I love the instant connections. I hate the time consumption. I love the wealth of knowledge at my fingertips. I hate that I drown it endless web pages. I love the friendship and kinship I find. I hate how frazzled I feel trying to not ‘miss’ anything. I love that my words can be heard around the world. I hate that I feel dependent on technology for this. I love the opportunities it presents. I hate how overwhelmed I feel trying to figure things out and keep up! And so the list goes on.

This struggle is playing itself out in my mind in one more arena right now: whether I should get a smart phone, or not. I went to a class last week, where the instructor said ‘If you are using your phone as a phone and entertainment device only then you are using it as a dumb phone!’ He pointed out that in the future when we want to go to the store we will dictate our list to the phone and the phone will use a GPS to take us efficiently through the aisles to pick up our products. At the checkout it will price match. And of course we will pay with our phone. He said we do nothing riskier than carry a wallet full of cards around.

Next month Apple comes out with a Health Kit that will monitor your health to the extent it may save your life!

When I pull my little $30 flip phone out in public I feel quite self conscious. I realize I am a dying breed.

Its coming and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I do however have a choice on how I choose to manage the technology in my life, and its time I figured that out

Does anyone else struggle with this? Please do tell me what has worked for you!


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2 thoughts on “The Thick Of Thin Things ~ My Love/Hate Relationship With Technology!

  1. Yes, I struggle with this and have for a few years. I’m fine with computers, tablets, smartphones in general. I see them as tools when used correctly.

    My tug of war began when social media became so popular. In very much the same way you described I felt an invisible rope tugging me towards the internet. This pulled me away from doing things important to my calling. I knew it but found it difficult to resist.

    Then a serious of stressful events led to my taking about a 4 month break from social media. In the past a month has been a challenge. This time the experience was much different. I missed a handful of people who I purposely use Facebook to connect with. Also I felt disconnected from the 500 Words Group. But otherwise, I felt a huge weight lift.

    I really wasn’t sure if I would come back. I’ve yet to decide of I’ll stay. If I do, it’ll never be the same for me and that is actually a good thing.

    You’ll work this out. Probably not the way that I did, but you will. Or you’ll try. Many of my friends, especially writers, have shared that they have a “love/hate” relationship with technology.

    I think we have to eat the meat and spit out the bones…or something like that.


  2. Teri, good post. I, too, struggle with the balance, the essential reality that I wouldn’t know friends like you at all without technology and the reality of obligation to people closer at hand. You captured this well.


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