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Seasons, an incomplete essay…

Its a grey day and there is a white glow on the horizon.  Baby snowflakes are swirling their way to the ground, barren branches sway in the wind.  One tree still holds tightly to its leaves, willing winters chill to leave her alone.

This fall has been glorious and long, like a cascade of happy surprises, waking each day to find the sunny, cool, colorful days lingering

Now winter has come, held back only temporarily.  A light painting of white lies on the ground, runs along the top of fences and powder coats roof tops.

The changing seasons are inevitable. Winter does not respond to my willing and wishing for it to end so spring may come.  So in our lives there are times and seasons.
Childhood gives way to adulthood, carefree days to careworn, healthy
oblivian to frailties.

The opposite is also true, sometimes we leave the winter for spring.  The dark days become lighter, color bursts through frozen ground defiantly, a sign that winter won’t
cloud and chill our lives much longer.

Our eyes open each day on the window of life as the scene is ever changing.

In the midst of winter, half way from its beginning and half way to its end, and crazy with cabin fever, my mind will take me to other places; a sunny days walk in England’s
green countryside, a carefee moment, my feet on sandy beaches in a
small Welsh town, the sun kissed, dapple lighted days of fall or the
melodic bird song days of spring.

Seasons come and seasons go, along with the ever changing seasons of our lives.


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