Life Story Writing

Teaching Life Story Writing and Musings On My Life ~

Write Your Life Story

If you only had one week left to live what would you write?  If you had to make a movie of your life, what scenes come to mind?  What top ten lessons has life taught you and how did you learn them?

Life stories don’t have to be written in any set format.  You choose.  A life story doesn’t have to cover your whole life.  You can break it down into segments.  What I always suggest is to think of a time in your life that was the happiest, or a time you feel you have a lot to write about or want to write about.  It could be as short as a year or as long as twenty.  My first book I wrote about birth to age eighteen but you don’t have to start there.  You can start at any point in your life and write.

What is so wonderful about self publishing is that it is so easy and so accessible.  I can write a book now about my childhood and then next I can write about another part of my life.  I can even go back and update the one I have already written or add to it after it is published, a second edition.

Take some time to think.  I like to call this ‘percolating’.  Give your mind some time.  Then start to make a list of events, stories that you think you would like to write.  Don’t worry about spelling or grammar.  You have no 8th grade English teacher to please and no editor to pick over your work.  This is your story and you have complete freedom to write it your way.  So pick up the nearest pen and see where this journey takes you.


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